What Happens Underground?

In July 2020 I independently published my first children's book. 


‘What Happens Underground?’ is a fun and informative, illustrated non-fiction book for children of all ages who have ever wondered what happens beneath their feet. It answers questions such as, ‘What do people hide in their cellars?’ 'Where does water go when I pull out the bath plug?’ and ‘Why is our rubbish buried underground?'

Where to buy

Books are priced at £8.99 and can be ordered via my online shop or through most bookshops, including: 

Children's Bookshop

Fortis Green Road, Muswell Hill, London N10





Chicken & Frog

30 Crown Street, Brentwood, Essex CM14 4BA


Ginger & Pickles Bookshop

51 St Stephen Street, Edinburgh EH3 5AH


Harris & Harris Books

7b High Street, Clare, Suffolk CO10 8NY




'A definite hit! Our niece and nephew loved it. Started a lot of conversations about rubbish and waste too. I suspect it will become a very well read part of their library.' 


'Really well researched and drawn illustrations (fave one is the landfill) accompanied by the rhyming words. Loved the little people and details on the architecture.'

'Thank you so much for the book... it is so beautifully drawn. I shall find a pride of place for it. I hope to see many more books from you in the near future.'

'Charlie loves that he just found a bare bum sitting on the loo! We think the book is amazing, the detail and the thought behind it and the imagination in the illustrations keep us looking out for new things every time we read it and kids can't wait to read the next one!'

'Your book is amazing! Just sat and read it with Elsie and Miles and we all loved it... the detail in your illustrations is ridiculous! Looking forward to the 'I ate' series.'

'How excited I was to receive the copies of your book. It's really good. I've used many books over the years, not only as a mum, but through my work [in schools]. And I praise what you've done. It ticks so many boxes for a good read. It promotes discussion and interest extending into different topics. It has exquisite illustrations for the curious searches it provokes. It's simple, clear and diverse, and great language for a wide range of ages.'

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